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Rucker Park Tribute


To the iconic street basketball court in New York.


The Rucker Park in New York is named after Holcombe Rucker, a Harlem school teacher and playground director that started the first Summertime Rucker Park Tournament in 1950. Rucker had the vision of bringing “shelter” for the kids. Instead of staying on the streets, they could have some direction for a possible future career. The tournament gained visibility and became an official after school program. As the support of the public grew, professional basketball players formed a pro division committed to contributing to the project with their time and mastery of the game. It is a legendary court.

The clothing brand Rucker Park was created to represent the history of these courts and their impact on the community and players.

Standfor respects both legendary works, from Holcombe and Rucker Park brand, with its rich streetball roots and traditions. 

This photoshoot is a tribute to Rucker Park with a sweatshirt from our archives. The sessions took place in West Cork.

The Beanie hat is from the Standfor Limited collection. The selected palette of colours and an Italian thread were picked with the best quality cotton and acryl to add flexibility and a comfortable head feel. The design is the classic logo embroidery. The brown and black leather options were made by a laser beam that burned the SF logo shape for a  delicate finish. In the same collection, we have the Fisherman’s Beanies that is a bit shorter hat than the Beanie but still classic. 

The headwear collection is available at the shop online only at Standfor online. 




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